Our offer is not just more convenient than traditional hotels, you can also save money on the food area, why? Because you can cook and eat at your own place, remember we do not offer rooms or beds, we offer fully equipped and furnitured apartments.


Both Projects are strategically located just six blocks away from each other, exactly at the heart of the city, therefore you can walk to a variety of tourist places such as Cerro Santa Lucía, Mercado Central, Palacio La Moneda, Bellas Artes, Plaza de Armas among others, we are also close to many subway stations that will take you anywhere you want around the city.



If you don’t have where to leave your baggage once your reservation is over, we will keep it for you, with no charge. If you need to check your email, you can use the computers at our office, if you need to print a document, make a phone call just come to our office, will be glad to help you.


Our marketing offer fits your specific requirements of accommodation. If you want a 1 room apartment with separate beds in the master bedroom, we have it. If you come with more people than you made your reservation, we will find them room in the apartment. If you come with your newborn baby, we have special cribs for that. If you are a business man, we have apartments specially furnished for you.