About us

The Amistar Group is a family company that operates since 2010, which was born based on the needs that we saw in the national hotel industry at that time, with respect to deliver a flexible offer different from the one operated in those years, generating a new concept of accommodation, such as a fully furnished and equipped apartment for tourism or business people, thus inaugurating Amistar Apartments, located at Calle Huérfanos 547, Office 209, Torre C, in the Barrio Bellas Artes, on one side of the Cerro St. Lucía.

With the success we have had, we envisioned a second opportunity to expand, in the Paris-London neighborhood, half a block from the University of Chile subway station and steps from the Government Palace, which gave rise to Plaza Paris Amistar.
Subsequently, in 2017 we wanted to strengthen our presence in the Bellas Artes neighborhood. For this, we acquired Santiago Town Suites, designed to provide a more personalized service to our customers. Town Suites is also located at Huérfanos 547, of. 209, Tower C. In this way, we consolidate as one of the best accommodation alternatives in the city of Santiago.

Since 2017, we began to invest heavily in the renovation and maintenance of the equipment and furniture of our apartments, which included new paint, air conditioner for all departments, purchase of beds and mattresses, replacement of bed and bath linen, as well as kitchen utensils and furniture.

We also have the Transfer Service to and from the airport, we also have Tours to the main attractions such as Snow Walks, Cajón del Maipo, Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, Isla Negra, different vineyards and different alternatives of city tours, which we perform in our own Vans authorized by the Ministry of Transport.

Tours & Transfers

In order to continue delivering a more comprehensive service to our travellers, we incorporate the line of Tours and Transfers in-out to the airport. Thanks to our own fleet of Vans, we can generate a better offer that is characterized by the comfort, safety and flexibility that customers experience in their respective trips or visits to the main tourist attractions.

Our philosophy 

Our company philosophy is focused on all our actions in order to satisfy the multiple needs of our guests, to whom we want to make them feel at home, giving them a personalized, warm service, also giving them advice and permanent support, before, during and after their stay. We can do that thanks to a human team (Reception, Maintenance and Cleaning) one hundred percent committed to deliver our customers a pleasant stay and experience during their trip in Santiago.


Our locations are privileged, close to the main transport points (subway, buses, and fast departures to the airport or the North-South Highway) and tourist attractions in downtown Santiago: Barrio Bellas Artes, Barrio Lastarria; Forest Park, Paris-London neighbourhood, Santa Lucia Hill, La Moneda Palace and Plaza de Armas, among other places that the guest can meet just steps from our facilities.

Our Labor 

To ensure that each Amistar employee shares our vision as a company, we have allocated several hours of training to the Cleaning, Maintenance and Reception team, impregnating them with the passion that moves us, which aims to generate a memorable experience for our guests. Also, they can live a pleasant stay, calm and safe, with the full support of our staff.

Why Amistar? 

We work 24x7, 365 days a year, to achieve our dreams and business mission, working as a team with our collaborators and suppliers, in order to deliver the best service to our travelers, both Tourism and Business.

Better relation
Price / Quality

The location is magnificent, and the area is a 100% safe. By walking you can get to know entertaining neighborhoods such as Lastarria, Bellas Artes and Bellavista. The apartment is perfect. Clean and full equipped. “Better than I expected” said one of our guests and thousands of comments like this one, it shows that we are the best lodging option in Santiago.

Strategic location

All our apartments have a privileged location. You can visit by walking touristic spots such as Santa Lucia Hill, Central Market, La Moneda Palace, Fine Arts, Plaza de Armas, among others; or if you prefer, go by Metro to other places in the capital, since the stations are only one block away from us.


Our market offer is adapted to your specific lodging requirements.
If you want 1 bedroom apartment with separate beds, we have it; If you come with more people than you marked in your reservation, we find space; If you come with your baby, we have a crib.
If you are a business person, we have departments with a desk to work more comfortable.


Our offer is not only convenient in the rate for your individual accommodation requirement, as a couple or family, but also as we have fully equipped apartments, you have a kitchen with all the equipment and utensils to cook your favorited dishes or ask for delivery the different restaurants that are in the surroundings.

Remember that we do not offer pieces; they are fully equipped apartments.